Bateau Mygo Sailing - St Lucia

Sailing The Grenadines

one thing that you "Must do before you die" is sail The Grenadines.

Amazing clear warm turquoise sea with white sandy palm-fringed beaches

The Grenadines is made up of 32 islands and Cays (pronounced 'keys', meaning little islands) stretching south from St. Vincent to Grenada.

Only 9 islands are populated and only 6 have small Airports.The rest are bird sanctuaries and havens for those who like peace and quiet, mixed in with the occasional 'jump-up'.

Sailing The Grenadines
Sailing St Lucia

This uniquely beautiful archipelago of islands in the Caribbean is the perfect place to enjoy stress-free sailing over short distances in gentle trade winds.

There are so many equally beautifull islands that you will want to extend your trip.

The length of your cruise and the number of islands you visit can be customised to your availability, with the option to return to St Lucia by Air.

DAY 1: Sail from Marigot Bay in St Lucia heading south down the Caribbean coast of St Lucia, to St. Vincent

Anchor in Wallilabou Bay, home to the set of Johnny Depp's Pirates of the Carribbean".

Saint Vincent


DAY 2: A short sail to Bequia - the “jewel” in the Grenadines. With less than 5000 inhabitants, Bequia is unspoilt with no large resorts or shopping malls.
large at only 7 square miles the island has many beautiful sandy beaches and reefs perfect for snorkeling and hardly any traffic. The capital, Port Elizabeth, has a number of small restaurants and bars.


DAY 3: Sail to Mustique - the tiny island packed with celebrity homes.


the Tobago Cays

DAY 4: Sail to Mayreau - anchor in the beautiful Salt Whistle Bay, where from the hill above you get an amazing view of the Tobago Cays.
In the afternoon, sail into the Tobago Cays to Snorkel the fantastic Horseshoe Reef or relax on one of the many secluded beaches.
Most would agree that this is the most beautiful part of the Caribbean and a sailng trip is the only way to visit it.


DAY 5 : Sail to Union Island -one of the largest and the southern most island of the Grenadines.



DAY 6: A short sail to Palm Island - a dream island with one of the best beaches in the caribbean.
In the afternoon, Sail on to the resort island of Petit St. Vincent.

DAY 7: Sail to Sandy Island for lunch and swimming.
In the afternoon, Sail to Tyrrel Bay in Carriacou and , to anchor for the night.



DAY 8: Sail to Grenada the "Spice Island" to anchor in St. George's Bay.

DAY 9: Relax before taking a plane back to St Lucia or Home.
or you may like to Sail to back ?


Young Island Cut

Day 10: Young Island - St. Vincent from where you can fly back to Saint Lucia .


Create your own sailing trip from St Lucia to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Young Island, Bequia, Moonhole Rock, Petite Nevis, Quatre, Bettowia, Baliceaux, Mustique, Petite Mustique, Savan, Petite Canouan, Canouan, Mayreau, The Tobago Cays, Union Island, Petit Saint Vincent, Palm Island and Mopion.

The beauty of doing this trip on a Catamaran is that you can get in close to shore in some of the most beautifull bays in the Caribbean.


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